G13- Easy Way to Get Spiritual Guidance

4 Simple and Easy Ways to Get Spiritual Guidance

Do you know you can get help from the drive forces such as Angels? They can guide you in your life.

You might be thinking, how could this happen? Don’t worry; below, I’ve put two and two together for you to understand the entire process of how spiritual guides help us and different types of spirituality.

Get Help From Spiritual Guides on Spiritual Guidance

Spirituality is a way or process to receive wisdom from the divine force. Therefore, spiritual guidance is not something that only some special people receive from the divine. Instead, anyone can receive guidance from high-powers such as Angels.

One needs a lot of time to learn the process of receiving spiritual guidance. The only problem is that not everyone can understand these messages because of the lack of knowledge about spirituality.

In short, to understand the messages from high-power, you’ve to learn everything about the types, signs & symbols of spiritual guidance.

Types of Spiritual Guides

Following are the types of spiritual guides that help humans in need.


Archangels are the most powerful angels of heaven known as the healer of humankind. They can heal people physically and mentally with their powers.

In simple words, archangels assist humankind; they are not bound to any gender. Their appearance is more like a unique experience for everyone. They can come in any gender to help you out in difficult situations.

G13- Types of Spiritual Guidance

Guardian Angels

Guardian angels are assigned to help people; they protect them, guide them in life. All people have a guardian angel; the only difference is their appearance.

Some people believe that anyone can summon a guardian angel and ask for help by writing a letter or asking them to send you a sign.

Spirit Animals

Animals who guide us in our life are called spirit animals. It’s solely a misunderstanding that spirituality is only related to angels because animals are also associated with spirituality.

You have to understand the guide from animals. Each animal signifies something. For example, a butterfly is a symbol of transformation; a hawk represents inner wisdom.

Ascended Masters

Ascended masters are entities who were once human beings. But after paying their karmic debt, they become ascended masters in the spiritual world.

All ascended masters work together and share responsibilities in the cosmic world for humankind.

Departed Loved Ones

Departed loved ones died, but they are still guiding you from the heavens through symbols.

It’s not necessary that one can only receive guidance from deceased relatives. For example, there’s a possibility that a painter will receive guidance from a dead painter.

Communicate With Your spiritual Guide

Everyone has their problems in life, and spiritual guidance assists us. The question is, how do they communicate with us? How to become more spiritually connected to these angels, ascended masters, etc.?

G13- Communicate with spirtual Self

Below you can find out several ways to communicate with your spiritual guide.

Be Present in Daily Tasks

The best way to communicate with a spiritual guide is to be present in daily tasks. Remember, Angels or any other guide will not appear in front of you in human shape and help you in your life.

The only way they can communicate with you is through symbols and indirect messages. A person whose mind is too busy with the daily task can’t understand these messages.

Start some mediation; this will help you to relax your mind and clear your thoughts.

Always Look For Signs

As I mentioned above, a spiritual guide contacts a person through symbols and signs.  A person who does not look for these signs in their surroundings will never understand their guidance.

Always Look for signs in your surroundings and remind yourself every day that your spiritual guide will send you messages and help you in your life.

Write Journal

Looking for signs is not enough to communicate a guide. Buy a journal and dedicate it to your spiritual guides.  Use this journal as a messaging app, just like you write a message to your friends about your well-being and problems.

Write a letter to your guide, be thankful for their help. Ask them to support you in the future just like the way they did in the past.

Name Your Guides

Give your spiritual guide a name; make them your friend. Then, tell them about yourself, your life, problems, goals, and everything through your journal.

The name could be anything like Joey, Emily, Emma, Chris, anything. Call them by their names whenever you need their guidance. Moreover, to feel more connected, give every guide a different name.

Surrender Something to Your Guides

Don’t be depressed or overthink a problem. Instead, believe that everything will be okay. You have a guide who’ll surely help you when you need it.

Give yourself a break from overthinking about the future. Instead, surrender your life to guide by thinking that I don’t have to worry too much because my guide will help me and assist me in all my difficulties.

Make Connection with Spiritual Guides

No doubt, Spiritual guides are meant to help humankind.  But do you know, just like us, spiritual guides also cherish human affection towards them?

Consequently, it’s good to have a good, friendly connection with spiritual guides. Following are the tips that can help you in connecting spiritually to your guides.

  • Dedicate a specific time for your guide and talk to them, just like you regularly spend time with your family.
  • Share details about your regular life with your guide.
  • Ask them about themselves, their name, and other information.
  • Use your mind as a communication tool.

Effective Ways to Receive Spiritual Guidance

Always Remain Open to Strange Signs

Bear in mind that spirit guides are not humans; they have special powers. They know everything about you, such as your mood, things that make you happy or sad, reasons for your problems, etc.

There is no particular way of spiritual guidance; they can advise you in many ways—for instance, detailed thoughts, dreams, friends, quotes, etc. You just have to remain open 24 hours to strange signs.

Validate Your Successes

Ever wonder why sometimes people feel that they should have followed their instinct? Because they won whenever they listened to their thoughts in the past.

You might be thinking of why our thoughts are related to spiritual guides?

There’s a possibility that your spiritual guidance is contacting you or guiding you through your mind. That’s why you always follow your thoughts or guidance superbly. If you are currently going through rough patch and found a dead end. read our article on How to let go of your past.

Follow Your Guide

Dedicate a quiet space in your home for communication to a spiritual guide.

Whenever you feel you’ve no one to listen to, understand and take care of you. Go to the place which you’ve been assigned as your guide. Calm yourself and then think about your issues and tell your problems to your guide.

Ask a spiritual guide to support you. Be aware of your surroundings, find signs, and follow your guide’s instructions without hesitation.

Relax and Have Fun!

Remember that “Every valuable thing takes time; there is no overnight success.”

Especially in the spirituality guide case, it is not something that you can see. You can’t even analyze the exact thing that is connecting you to the spiritual world.

Don’t stress yourself if you don’t receive any message in a specific period from your guide. After all, you can’t do anything about it. So Relax, have fun, and patiently wait for a message.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does spiritual guidance mean?

Spiritual guidance is a process to connect with spiritual guides like angels, spirits, animals, archangels, etc. in this process, these divine forces (Angels, Spirits, Archangels, etc.) contact humans through signs, secret messages and guide them in their life.

Why is spiritual guidance important?

Every person needs guidance in their life. And spiritual guides are something that shows humans a correct path to follow. Yeah, we can ask for advice from our family and friends, but in the end, they all are humans, not divines with special powers.

How can I get spiritual help?

There is no particular procedure that shows how a human can connect with the spiritual world. Only a spirit guide can contact humans.  But many spiritual help organizations can help you, which you can find easily on Google.

What is my spirit guide?

Every person has a guide or a group of guides with them. Though They help us in our difficult times, it’s impossible to find out the spirit guide of a specific person as there are so many types. You’re the only person who can find out about your guide.


No doubt, spiritual guidance helps many people in their life in decision making. But the process of understanding the message of your guide is not as easy as pie. One needs a lot of practice and ease of mind to understand these messages.

In short, over time and practice, you can be an expert in understanding the signs of divine forces. Comment below and let us know your thoughts. Does a spiritual guide ever help you?