G9- How to focus on yourself for self improment

How to Focus on Yourself for Your Self-improvement

Do you ever think about where you stand in life? Where are you dragging yourself? Don’t you ever hear your body and mind screaming for a change? Have you done something you want, what you feel good about? It is bothersome to not think about your physical and mental needs.

Wait a minute. Take a step back. You’re not what you are, and you’re living someone else’s life. You are unaware of how to focus on yourself.

If you want to work on self-improvement, today’s article will be beneficial for you. First of all, let’s know, “What is self-improvement”? Like, is it something that motivates us to improve our physical looks? Not at all. In the broad sense, it means to improve your mental condition too.

How to Focus on Yourself: Highly Recommended Tips

The first step towards self-improvement is pulling yourself back from anything that stops you from being yourself. Once you start accepting yourself for whatever you are, it will become much easier for you to take little steps towards success, and you will start doing more.

Remember, it takes time to bring any change. How can you expect your dull, idle, and dead soul to become lively again in no time? So, every day, add a few things to your daily routine to start feeling good and empowered.

Make Connection With Your Passion

There might be mornings in your life when you don’t want to get up to face the world. It’s a sign that you lack the passion and energy to do something. Someone might turn off your “passion switch.”

You might be thinking, “how can I make myself connected to my passion”? But then, suddenly, you come to realize you have no passion in your life. Are you feeling awkward? Such a dead soul you are!

Suppose salt is an essential ingredient of curries; bricks are vital components for building houses; similarly, passion is all you need to succeed.

First of all, find out what your passion is? Will it help trigger you to take a step for self-improvement? To put it in layman’s terms, it’s determination, conviction, and craze for a specific thing. It’s a powerful and hard-to-control emotion that fills your heart with excitement and happiness.

Yes, I know sticking to your passion is scary, but you have to get out of your comfort zone to achieve something big. To stay connected with your passion, follow these tips:

  • Find out your passion
  • Let your creative side flourish
  • Stick to your inspirations

Focus on Things You Want in Your Life

Let’s face reality; everything is not for everyone. If you think against this, that’s not a good thing. On the other hand, if you become minimalist by adding only stuff to your list you want, you are taking a step towards self-improvement.

The major problem is that we have made our to-do list so large that the real thing is missed somewhere. You might add any unnecessary item to your wish list by copying other people. You must be like, “If he/she can have it, I’ll surely get it.” That’s your bad.

I’m damn sure; if you continue living like this, you will waste your half-life trying to get unnecessary things rather than focusing on what’s important. Remember, the moment you lose control of your mind, it starts to drain you from inside.

If you want to know “how to get yourself to focus,” don’t idealize something or someone. Otherwise, in this process, you’ll end up losing yourself.

Calm down and find out the things that you need, and work on them. Get answers to these questions from yourself to focus on what you want:

  • Is it essential for me to get this?
  • Will I die without it?

Always Plan Your Day

If you are a couch potato who spends all day lying in bed and doing nothing productive, you’re draining your body and mind. How can you expect your mind and soul to be lively when you don’t do anything productive throughout the day?

Remember, self-improvement is not as easy as lying on a bed is. You have to get out of the blanket if you seriously want to work on it. It will help if you plan your daily routine not to distract your focus on goals.

G9- Always Plan Your Day - How to focus on yourself

Your daily routine is what will make a difference in your life. So, add constructive activities to it, and make sure to stick to it. You will feel more empowered and motivated at the end of the day. You can plan your day by following these guidelines:

  • Start your day with meditation
  • Nourish your soul by spirituality
  • Be focused on your work all-day
  • Keep priorities and goals separate
  • Note improvements in you
  • Utilize your time in meaningful activities
  • Try to learn doing any single thing
  • Utter some positive words for yourself daily
  • Become minimalist; wish less
  • Imagine your success
  • Make sure to exercise daily
  • Work on self-improvement
  • Knock out at least one negative thought per day

Self-compassion Is A Must

Humans always want to be perfect. Even though they know their limitations and capabilities, they still run after the impossible. Sometimes, despite their extraordinary talent and intelligence, they can still stumble and fail at something.

When they don’t get success, they will end up having depression and anxiety. They start to criticize themselves, doubt their abilities, and become used to self-criticism.

To explain it, let me ask you a question; do you talk to your family and friends just like you do to yourself? I’m damn sure your answer is No. Most of the time, you speak to yourself like “I’m such a stupid”! “I can’t achieve something big in my life! I’m just done; I’m dumb!”

On the other hand, when you talk to other people, you offer encouragement and help. It’s because you are striving hard to hide your flaws to maintain a good self-image. Why can’t you motivate yourself as you motivate others? That’s a lack of self-compassion.

Self-compassion is your love, kindness, and bonding with yourself. It means to embrace your imperfections and face the reality that you’re not perfect. This small change in your thinking can improve your behaviors and force you to self-improvement. Avoid overthinking and focus on yourself.

So, next time any bad experience hits you, you should say to yourself, “I’m a human and not perfect. I would focus on learning from this mistake instead of betraying myself”. This behavior can change your inner critic to a self-lover.

Strict Workflow

Do you ever experience a loss of your attention because of any noise interference in the office? Distraction may come in many forms, i.e., notifications on your phones, several emails, and many more.

Consider using the Google Chrome Extensions to avoid any disturbance. Strict Workflow makes your work much more manageable and distraction-free. All you have to do is to plug it into your chrome, and here you are, spending hours of uninterrupted work.

It works on the principle of the “Pomodoro Technique.” Want to know what it is? In this technique, periods of work should be followed by a must-needed break.

Following it, Strict Workflow also provides you with a short break of 5 minutes once you complete 25 minutes of undisturbed work. So, it’s beneficial in giving you a break after a while.

This break can help your brain to calm for 5 minutes and continue again with more energy. So, you can’t check your favorite apps once you start working. However, you can adjust its settings to blacklist the time-killer apps and white list the much-needed apps while working.

Don’t Compare Yourself With Others.

If you spend most of your time on social media, how can you not compare yourself to others? The rat race on social media is making people psycho patients. They think God has not blessed them as they blessed the other people.

After doing a lot of research, I’m just lost in words. A study revealed that every 1 out of 40 young people ruins their mental health by feeling inferior to others. What’s the point of comparing yourself to others?

I mean, why do you utter such things to yourself. “My body is shapeless and not good,” “I can’t afford stylish dresses, those branded skin-care products,” and “I’m not pretty enough to be attracted to someone.” Are you fighting with these thoughts? I mean, seriously? It would be best if you worked on it right now.

Let’s take an example; you will surely love to wear a famous designer’s dress even if you don’t like it. It’s because you know wearing it will give you a classy look and force people to have a second look at you.

Now, think for a while, Is there any designer who’s better than God? So, if he wants to design you in a particular form, why don’t you accept it?

Try to embrace what you have and accept reality. Someone’s branded watches, expensive shoes, clothes, makeup, cars, house, intelligence, a better job, and all the stuff should not be your matter of concern.

If you start to accept yourself for what you are, your life will become more pleasant. Practice following tips to stop comparing yourself with anyone:

  • Stop comparing your chapter 1 to someone’s chapter 40
  • Count all the blessings of God daily
  • Take a much-needed break from social media
  • Be comfortable with imperfections
  • Don’t make someone ideal

Keep Yourself in Check

You should give special attention to yourself, especially if you are striving to reach self-improvement levels. Plan a time for yourself to work at specific times on a particular project.

Along with this, make a checklist of things to do and things to avoid. Knock out any negative thoughts that try to enter your mind and find out ways to focus on yourself.

I suggest you stand in front of the mirror, look at your face, and talk to yourself. By doing this, things will become much better, leading you towards self-confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I focus on myself and be happy?

Plan time for yourself, indulge in motivational lectures, make a checklist for yourself and do whatever you want to make yourself happy. Keeping things on a plan and schedule will make you consistent and increase your work’s productivity.

How can I focus on myself instead of him?

How can you love anyone until you don’t love yourself? So, try to take a break from everything, including that relationship, and focus on yourself. Make yourself busy with positive activities. Try to fix negative things in your head.

What does focusing on yourself mean?

To focus on yourself means to make yourself confident and compassionate. You focus on your flaws and imperfections and try to overcome them.

For girls, it means to reach the level where you feel content and satisfied with your average looks, not so classy wardrobe and things like this.

How do I stop being desperate for love?

Every person wants to be loved at any point in life because being single may become tiresome at an end. But one should understand that choosing your partner is not like entering a market to buy something and then go back home; it’s a matter of your whole life.

You can stop being desperate for love by accepting the reality that some things take time to happen. Indulge yourself in positive activities to distract your mind. You never know; God is planning your couple right now.

How do I stay happy alone?

From my perspective, if you want to be happy alone, go and spend most of your time with nature and count the things you should be grateful for. This will inject a lot of positive energy inside you, making you happy.


Hopefully, this detailed guide may help you to know “how to focus on yourself.” Now, it’s time to bring a change to your dead soul. It’s time for self-improvement. Start working on these tips today and have a better life onwards.