How to let go of someone - 10 must follow rules to follow

10 Ways to Let Go of Someone You Love and Move Forward with Life

There is a stage in everyone’s life when he has to face the most challenging time. It is when misunderstanding takes place in your relationship. One of you thinks to let him go and move on.

But at the same time, you think about how to let go of someone. If you don’t do this after some time, you will feel exhausted and stressed.

Keep connecting – it is known as the nature of humans. It is also one of the factors that keep you away from achieving your life’s goals.

The reason is you will be deeply involved in it, and it will not let you know what to do next. It is among the harmful things that not only make you physically sick but mentally too.

How to Let Go of Someone: Meaning

how to let go of someone

The true meaning of letting go of someone is not so complicated. It is the situation or a point in someone’s life when they lose their attachment or emotions from the other one. Now, there is no way to come back.

Letting go of someone also means you forgive your friend or partner and move on to find the best.

How Can You Let Go of Someone?

How Can You Let Go of Someone?

It would be best if you let go of someone. However, to know this and letting go are not the same things. Whether it is a challenging situation to remove someone from your life, you have to hold on to yourself. You are the primary person who can help you to support yourself.

If you are in this situation of sorrow, want to have some relief therapies, so go through the tips below. It will surely aid you out in recovering on your own.

Cut Contact

The very first thing, which one should do, is to drop any connection with that individual. It is a tricky step, but you have to take it. It will lead to more hurting if you don’t, and ultimately the depression stage will come. You should accept the reality and not think again about how you let go of someone you love.

So, delete his/ her contact details, contact number, pictures, address, or anything which causes a direct relationship. It does not mean to remove the memory. It means to delete those ways to insist you contact again when you are in your downtime. Because most people want to patch up after some time, this will hurt you and reduce your self-respect.

Be With What You’re Feeling

The next thing that helps you out to heal yourself is negligence. It means you have to neglect your current feeling, which you are suffering from. If you take a lot of time to ignore it, the situation will worsen. So, if you want to get out of this sorrowful moment, then apply various approaches.

Try to find ways to forget and ignore. For example, suppose, let yourself be busy with your hobbies or house chores. As usual, it is not easy to bear the pain and to run away from it. But keeping yourself busy will work for you.

Stop Thinking About Her or Him

Another thing that you can do is to stop thinking about that person. Over time, you will heal internally. It is a kind of motivation for your thoughts. And you began to believe that things work for you. It all depends on you, how you look at the situation, how you face them, and how you can solve them.

You have to prepare your mind to cope up with the pain. But the most important thing is to avoid thinking about him. Just believe that avoiding is one of the natural processes to heal. Also, do not consider binge drinking. If you think it is a better way to recover after any loss, then you are pretty wrong.

It is just like wrapping a bandage on the problem. After some time, when the plaster is put off, it causes more hurt. So the only solution for healing is to accept the bitter reality and move ahead instead of thinking.

Forgive Yourself and Avoid Self-pity

The other important thing is to forgive yourself and avoid self-pity. If you still blame yourself for all the events, then it is not the right way. The reason is there is now no more need to penetrate the problem. Whatever happened and hurt you, now the time is to sew the internal rupture.

For this purpose, first, you should learn forgiveness. Either the mistake is of another person or your own.  When you finalize that the error happens by your side, prevent self-pity and move ahead in your life. When you get the true meaning of forgiveness, the process of healing will begin.

Of course, there is no shortcut; the whole process is time-consuming. Although, if you spend time with yourself, listen to yourself, be soft-hearted, and care for yourself will surely help you heal soon.

Keep in Mind the Stages of Letting Go

Whether it is not the right situation to hold on to, one should keep in mind the stages of letting go. Some of these include:

Generate Physical Distance

You should keep your distance from the individual who hurt you or any situation. It will result in reducing stress and anxiety.

Do Not Permit Negativities

If you allow negative thoughts, it causes depression, and you can’t get out of this situation. So, make sure to think about good and positive. It will help you to heal.

Seek Therapist Help

In case of a breakup or letting go of someone, you should seek the use of a therapist. They listen to you carefully and understand your mental health. As a result, they will help you cope up with that situation.

Contact People That Value You

It is not good to keep your emotions inside because it causes many problems. First, you will get stuck in it. Second, as a result, it will lead to anxiety, stress, and then depression. It will go best if you share your feelings with one of your close friends or relatives. If not, then you can also take the help of a therapist.

They will help you to know about an unsuccessful relationship. Not only this, the therapist provides the best solution instead of going back to the same individual. If you decide to understand how you let go of someone, you will ultimately get many answers to be stable in many other situations.

Take All the Time You Need

Healing is also a natural process similar to grieving. However, you need time to pass through this whole process. So, take your time as much as you want for the sake of learning and managing your assumption.

In this way, you will be able to fix yourself quickly. So, it is pretty essential to experience a sorrowful moment. Otherwise, you should know that no quick fix for any issue is available. Liked our article, read our article on Fear of success. We shared there barriers you may face and path you must follow to become successful in life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you let go of someone you love?

Although it is not quite challenging to let go of someone you love. So, one should know the healing therapies and tricks that can help to sort out the issue.

You can break your contact with the individual by self-loving, avoiding pity, and consulting the therapist. Besides this, keeping yourself busy is the best way to heal.

How do you let someone go emotionally?

It is a tough time for someone to let go, mainly when there is emotional attachment. In this sorrowful situation, one should have to generate physical distances and not blame all the issues. Not only this, one should do practices of mindfulness and forgiveness. One should also take care of himself.

How do you force yourself to let go of someone?

If the person you are in a relationship with has lost his interest in you, then it is the sign you should also let him go instead of keeping him with you forcefully. You should understand him and give him some space. Otherwise, the situation may turn into an awkward position.

How do you let go of someone you can’t be with?

Generating physical distance from the person you can’t be with is one of the best methods. If you do this, it will help you to let go of someone. But, on the other hand, if you keep living in that type of relationship, it will result in anxiety and depression.


You get everything in the guide mentioned above of how to let go of someone you love. These include some easy and essential tips that can help you, or any of you know.

If you know anyone who is suffering from a breakup situation, then share this guide. Hopefully, it will prove fruitful if they act upon it.

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