G7- 8 Simple Yet Tough Ways - Let go of your past

8 Simple Yet Tough Ways To Let Go Of Your Past

Why do we all get stuck in our past and are compelled to live a painful life? To come out of that scenario entirely depends on our powers. But we do not try to look forward and regret the past!

Burning abilities by thinking about the mistakes, blunders, and shames of the previous lapse make one’s living a waste. How to let go of the past needs firm determination from the inside.

Firm determination, self-belief, zeal for the future, and courage to create the difference can move us from our pains to the world of happiness. The first step is always difficult but not impossible.

Detail On How to Let Go of the Past

Well, there are some deeds that you need to leave to live a sound and tension-free life. Letting go of the past is one of them. Before going into further details, let’s tell you why you must take this step.

Why Letting Go of the Past is Better for You

We cannot become who we are unless we are willing to forget our past accomplishments and efforts. We cannot live in the moment when we get bound by it.

Problems form an identity or sense of recognition for people, so they create and maintain them. They are constantly worried about losing their identity, making them stay in the past.

Furthermore, it restricts their ability to live at this time. Due to these attachments to past struggles, people are unable to let go of the past.

But to live your life to the fullest, you must let go of the past. Now, without any further ado, let’s discuss how to let go of the past and move forward.

8 Steps to Let Go of Past

Many people have a common question: how to let go of their painful past and move to a bright and healthy future. People ask such questions when they feel deep pain in their hearts, those things of the past which were not pleasant for them.

Here the question arises of what steps can be helpful to let go of the past. Luckily, one can take the following steps in this regard.

Your Past is Not Who You Are

Life is a race, and time keeps on moving continuously. The coming statement will become past on delivery. All the mistakes made in the past can’t define the person. These are only the ways of guidance.

Suppose you think that the past is the only life I had in my pocket. You are unable to compete with the hurdles of life.

If we can’t let go of the past, we are not giving our hundred percent to overcome the sufferings. The result will come in the tag of a loser who has lost all worth despite having abilities.

Past Is An Illusion for the Present Only

Time changes from present to past as we blink our eyes. Past is nothing, just an imaginary structure that grows in our minds. Our thoughts of life became imprinted in our minds and forced us to live in that way.

Past is just an illusion. We all think about the past of the earth, like rocks, stones, and fossils. But when we break that illusion, the new world full of colors enlightens our souls.

Whenever you feel frustrated about the past incidents of life, think about letting go of the past and moving forward. It will help to understand life and give the motivation to have the best in the future.

Never Blame Yourself for the Past

Always take responsibility, don’t blame yourself. When you make yourself responsible for your deeds, you accept your mistake. When you stop blaming yourself, it will teach you a lesson.

Every failure or mistake that we face teaches us something. Instead of blaming yourself for your loss or error, you should think about what you learn from it and how you can take it forward in your life.

Once you start doing this, it will be beneficial. You will carry on making mistakes, but you will carry on learning. Read more on Red Flags in a Relationship.

Throw Away All Stuff that is a Symbol of Past

Present life moves on the way to which we connect it. Past is the life passed, and if you think about that one, it will lead to frustration. It will upset the present and future both.

In the present, think about the future. Look at the lives depending on you. It will give self-belief, power, and the sharpness to do something better for the world.

Throw a curtain on all the memories of the past. So, you have nothing to regret in the past. Convert your losses into victories. It will make the future bright. You have a chance to be the hero in someone’s life.

Accept Your Past and Now Plan for the Future

Every action we perform comes towards an ending. It will be good or bad depending on our efforts. If we lose the game, then don’t mourn over it. Find the faults that you made in the journey. Try to overcome it and excel in life.

G7- 8 Simple Yet Tough Ways - Let go of your past

Take a deep breath. Sit under the shadows of nature. Close your eyes and find the mistakes of life. Accept them and use all the abilities to succeed in the race.

Past is Just Fiction in Our Minds

We can magnify it and make life troublesome. If we break that illusion with our positive thinking, we will build a new castle of our desires.

Present decides the coming future. You will be the hero if you learn from the past. Imply it in the present. Then, a better present will lead you towards the best future. Set your future goals today and use all your powers for them.

Value Your Present Life

It is unnecessary to mourn the past or worry about the future for good physical and mental health. Also, it turns out not to anticipate problems. It would be best if you lived the present moment wisely and earnestly to become healthy and fruitful.

It would help if you freed yourself from unnecessary possessions. It will free you from emotions that are associated with the past.

If a person lives in the present, he isn’t worried about what happened in the past. He is also not fearing for what will happen in the future. He is enjoying his present life. He is living for today.

If someone chooses to live in the past or future, it will rob their enjoyment of today. If you do so, it can also deprive you of your authentic living. The only critical moment is the present moment. How can you value your current life? The answer is you need to take some steps:

  • Start each day with a smile because every day is full of limitless possibilities.
  • You must always love your job. It makes your work easy.
  • Dream about the future but work hard; it’s fruitful only when combined with actions taken today.
  • Eliminate unnecessary possessions from your life. It allows you to live in the present.

Be the Best for the Best

God created everything with a specific purpose. There is nothing in the world that is useless, and everyone has unique traits and abilities.

Even the human body has many organs. All organs of the body perform unique functions and still efficiently. So, it is best for its operation. Similarly, a person should be the best for the best.

He should perform his duties efficiently. It will help him to achieve his goals, and his present life will become very fruitful and pleasant.

Treat Yourself for the Future

There are two most important days in one’s life. First, the day when coming into the world, and second when I know why to go into that world. Once you understand the reason, you will never waste time thinking about the past.

Business is the basic need for living in the world. People work day and night to grow the business and fulfill their necessities. However, the best business in the world is to invest in yourself.

We all have 24 hours in a day. The person who will spend it with a plan will get its reward. The one who blindly does the things as in the past will suffer badly.

The secret of success in the lives of great personalities is that they work according to the schedule. They make blunders but learn from them. Set the destination. Work in the present life. It will give fruit in that life and also shower blessings in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is it hard to let go of the past?

There is a special thing in humans, missing in other creatures that make him unique. That is, we remember something; we remember the moments.

We spend time with friends or alone; we remember faces, remember achievements, remember hardships, and even remember the scents we let enter our nostrils during some specific moments. Now, there are both positive and negative aspects of this.

The positives are clear to you already, but the negative ones include:

  • Grief and sorrows.
  • Missions he couldn’t accomplish.
  • Wishes he couldn’t get intact.
  • All the things spent in his past, he remembers everything.

How do we stop the past dwelling and move forward?

In every field of life, you bear the pain to achieve happiness in your life. It is not easy to achieve something good without any effort. Pain teaches you how to sink or swim in any course. With determination, we have the power to accomplish the goal.

With this power, we run away from this dwelling past and move towards the next destination. Home means repeating something repeatedly and having desired for the ‘change.’ You must avail yourself of opportunities to do something new in your life.

Dwelling on the past is the biggest hindrance in the way of moving forward towards the goal. The first step in achieving change in your life is a willingness to do with zeal and zest to break the chain of dwelling past.

How do you emotionally detach from the past?

It is tough to detach from the past for any person. But it is also essential to living a present healthy life.

You can detach from your past emotionally by focusing on your present life. Do not possess unessential things. Take care of yourself.

How do I move on from the past and be happy?

Past is just an illusion. Don’t panic over the mistakes made in the past. These are also the parts of life. It is in nature that man commits errors.

Think over the faults made in the past. Learn the lessons from the past and practice them in the present life. It will make the present happier and a bright future ahead.

Suppose you want to serve your nation and the people depending on you. Think about them. Believe in yourself and move on with firm determination.


Nothing is impossible in the world—only the first step matters. Thinking with firm determination about how to let go of the past will give the best future. All the ways explained above lead the painful life full of suffering into a new life.

We all can learn from the past and imply it in the present. We can brighten the present and future. Yes, we all are humans; we can change our fate.

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