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How to Stop Being Jealous of Others and Bring Positivity in Relations

Have you ever tried to betray people; because you are jealous of them? Do people often say things to you like, “You are jealous of me?” Isn’t this an awkward feeling? If you are wandering to find out how to not be jealous, you are at the right place.

Jealousy is a real thing. It is a feeling of insecurity, imperfection, and fear of losing something, which is hard to understand. Like, you feel jealous of people’s beautiful houses, brand new cars, wardrobe, and even their loved ones.

When you see that a particular person often gets more attraction and acknowledgment than you, you start thinking negatively, like, “why do people like her most, not me?”

Details on How To Not Be Jealous

First of all, let’s be honest; you, the person reading this post, is a great person. You probably visit the site because you have the guts to accept your imperfections and flaws. People usually don’t.

You come here to find out the ways to get out of this so-called jealous behavior. That’s so brave of you! So, let’s get started!

What Is It?

Jealousy is a natural human feeling; people get jealous all the time. But, if you start getting jealous of everything and everyone around you, that’s something you should work on as it’s not healthy for your mental health.

When you let jealousy control you, you start feeling insufficient and deal with everyone with a heavy heart. Lack of gratitude may be the reason behind it.


Following are the signs showing you are jealous of someone:

You Show Fake Appreciation

Jealous people mostly have double standards and are very expert at hiding their real emotions. They fail at matching their facial expressions with inside feelings about someone.

So, if you often find yourself appreciating someone but still have hate in your heart, sorry to say, you are jealous of him/her.

You Make Lame Excuses to be Away From Someone

Do you ever observe yourself continuously struggling to pull away from someone you are jealous of? That’s your bad. The significant sign of being jealous is that the fame and success of people might repel you.

Whenever they invite you to celebrate their success, you have something to excuse. Like you start pretending to be “busy,” or you’ll do the best possible thing not to see them.

You Love the Feeling When They Are in Trouble

Another sign of jealousy is that you feel happy when things go wrong for people you are jealous of. As discussed earlier, jealous people hide their natural side. So, if you are jealous of someone, you can’t dance when he is in hot water.

But deep inside, you have a mocking smile in such a situation that you instantly wipe off your face when anyone notices you.

You Start Copying Others

That’s the worst sign of all. I mean, you start to mimic someone else; in this way, you lose yourself.

Like, if you see someone wearing clothes that gain everyone’s attraction, you shop the same and satisfy the inner you, even if you don’t like it. That’s something you should work on. Being a jealous person, you want all that they’ve got.

G12- how to not be jealous, - Crush hearts in war


Let’s have a look at some examples of jealousy from the daily routine.

Does it ever happen to you that you feel jealous of other girls for guys that like them? Also, if you go to see someone’s entire and fully-furnished house and you find it more classy than yours, you will end up having a jealous feeling.

You feel jealous of other girls’ hair, scar and acne-free skin, ideal height, dress choice, and things like that.

If you face all of the situations mentioned above, let me tell you’ve got some serious mental problem. You always think that a particular individual is better off than you and be like, “I think I must have what they have.”

Why Do We Fear Jealousy

Zelophobia is referred to as fear of jealousy. Some people repress all their emotions when getting jealous of someone. While doing this, they are taking themselves to a condition where they are more prone to several mental disorders.

We fear jealousy and never let it show to someone. We do so because we know it will be awkward when people know about your jealousy. That’s why you prefer to suppress your emotions.

Where Does Fear of Jealousy Come From?

Following are the leading causes that trigger jealous behavior in someone:

Childhood Insecurity

In your childhood, you felt jealous when your younger brother or sister gained more attention from your parents. Negative thoughts might bring you up. Your parents didn’t take it seriously, and here you are – an all-time envious person.

Lack of Self-confidence

One of the primary causes of such behavior is that you have no confidence in yourself and cannot recognize your potential. You always try to be someone else. That will ruin your inner peace.

Wrong Company

Another cause that may trigger jealousy in you is that you surround yourself with the wrong people. You hang out with people who never try to motivate you to do something big. Instead, they make you look at anyone else’s success story and force you to do the same to reach their level.

Personal Insecurity

Your jealous trait may give rise to a clingy and competitive behavior in you. That’s what can ruin your relationships. Let me clear you; it’s ok to get a little bit jealous when your partner talks with someone you don’t like.

It’s also not a big deal to be jealous of a new colleague in the office who starts getting closer to your best friend. But, if you continue with this annoying behavior, it may eventually draw a borderline between you and your partner.

It will be hard for them to bear your clingy, skeptical and jealous behavior anymore, and yes, they will leave.

Ways to Overcome the Fear of Jealousy

If you want to avoid the irreversible effects of jealousy on your life, start working on it. Following are the tell-tale ways addressing how to not get jealous:

Admittance of Jealousy

First of all, you have to do the most challenging thing – that is acceptance. Instead of pretending like you are not jealous of anyone or anything, be honest and listen to your inner screams. If you become successful in doing so, congratulations, you can overpower your jealous behavior.

Find Your Individuality

Do you know, in the rat race with someone else (even with an unknown person), you lose yourself? Isn’t it scary? Tell me, for how long have you been wasting your time to point out someone and do every best possible thing to become like them? Feel embarrassed?

To overcome such silly and immature behavior, you should learn to be proud of your talent and capabilities and do the things that inject positive energy into you.

To let things settle automatically, set a goal for yourself, work on it, and most importantly, stick to it. When you start living your life in your way, you will find no time to be jealous of others.

Never Put Ear to People’s Belief

From my point of view, the people around us have a powerful impact on our lives. For sure, we have to live with them and spend our day with them. They may trigger jealous behavior in you.

For example, they’ve set some beauty standards and respect and love those who meet those so-called standards. When you fail to do so, you start losing confidence in yourself and become jealous of those who can do it.

They have made a definition of success in their mind and want the other people to reach there, to be called successful. Again, when you cannot come up with the self-made criterion of success, you feel jealous of others.

If you ever asked yourself, “how to not be jealous of someone,” let me answer you.

The way to overcome jealousy is to don’t let anyone define you. You should not take people’s shameful beliefs seriously and be grateful for the capabilities that you have. That’s what can take you far away from jealous behavior.

Always Follow Your Plans and Goals

When you start working on your dreams and goals, you’ll have no time to feed negative thoughts. While struggling to achieve your goal, keep yourself at a distance from others. Otherwise, this comparison can distract you from your primary objectives.

Read our article on Red Flags in A relationship and see if struggle you are trying to make is for right people.

Always Keep Yourself in Check

The most important and ultimate way to step out of the jealous zone is to keep an eye on you. For this purpose, you should keep in mind the following pieces of advice:

  • Keep yourself busy in doing constructive things
  • Surround yourself with positive people
  • Divert your mind to something else whenever you start comparing
  • Reward yourself every time you get over feeling jealous

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do I get jealous so easily?

If you get jealous so quickly, it means you lack confidence and self-esteem. It might be the case that you are overprotective and try to control everything and everyone you love. Also, you want to see everyone inferior to you and can’t bear anyone even an inch more superior to you.

How do I become less jealous in a relationship?

Trust, trust, trust. That’s the only thing that can save your relationship. If you want to become less jealous, try to value your partner and keep trusting. If you continue acting opposite, you can face a significant loss.

How do I beat jealousy?

If you distract yourself from negative thoughts that inject jealousy in you and replace them with positivity, you will notice a huge difference in yourself. Make sure to do something positive and hang out with people that make you feel yourself.

What is jealousy a sign of?

As far as relationships are concerned, it is a sign of your possessive nature. Overall, it depicts that you want to get everything that others have. The worst thing is you are not willing to struggle hard as the people do to get something. All you will do is feel jealous of them.


Hopefully, this article may help you to pull yourself out of the negativity and jealousy. We tried our best to guide you about “how to not be jealous” through this article. Remember, if left unchecked, this behavior can lead you to life-threatening mental disorders like depression.