G6- 8 Easy Hacks To Not Take Things Personally

8 Easy Hacks To Not Take Things Personally

Today we are going to discuss an essential topic of criticism. Each person has their personality, nature, hard and soft corners. Based on these soft corners, which you can also say weaknesses, you can be criticized. No one can escape from criticism. 

You may also have faced all these issues in recent times or maybe right now. Many people react badly to criticism. But do you know how to not take things personally? One of the best methods is just ignoring and avoiding overreacting.

Detail on How to Not Take Things Personally

Being ignorant is a skill by which you can free yourself from the feeling of being shamed or hurt. Maybe it is hard for you, or it can be, but it is helpful for your mental health. Before moving to the hacks, it is essential to understand what criticism is? Have you ever experienced this?

Most often, the answer is yes. Let’s explain some examples of criticism or criticising yourself.

Why People Take Things Personally

Suppose you want to get together with a friend and you invite him to lunch or dinner. He refuses to have some work. But on that day, you go through the Instagram or Facebook story of that friend, having a party with someone else.

You feel down and are being criticized. Another is if you do your best for your class assignment, you get criticism instead of appreciation. It hurt anyone. In this situation, you blame yourself and also ask why you take this matter personally.

In this way, ego plays its role by insisting on us to think that other people should think about us. The ego never takes criticism lightly, and it is the root cause of taking things personally. But, if you continuously fight to prove yourself correct, this repeating process makes you tired.

One should not hand over their life to the ego; it will only result in wastage of energy, aggression, and mental stress. So, don’t take things personally and consider that no one can underestimate you.

Utilize your power on invaluable and positive things instead of focusing on the negatives and proving yourself on track.

How to Avoid Taking Things Personally?

Although it is tough to avoid taking things personally by yourself, we are here to help you out from this sort of condition. You should know some helpful hacks that can aid anyone not to fall into this situation. For many people, all these hacks prove fruitful.

If you also want to know about how to stop taking things personally, follow the given below hacks, it will surely suit you.

G6- 8 Easy Hacks To Not Take Things Personally

Start With Attitude and Think It’s Not About Me

There is an experience that everyone faces or notices. It is when you do your best to struggle for any work; you become delighted. In this way, you are done with your ego and now want appreciation. Let me explain this scenario with the help of an example:

Suppose you are on the stage and presenting your assigned topic. If someone from the audience continuously uses a phone or two members, start talking with each other. This thing can hurt you because your ego appears at this point, and you consider it disrespectful.

As a result, aggression and anger trigger by thinking about it. To overcome this situation, you should place yourself on that person. It greatly helps you to think positively and makes you able to believe that the gossip is not related to you.

You should understand the other person’s objective because understanding is the best way to get rid of criticism.

Question Your Beliefs

Many people do not get affected by anything happening around them, and you can consider them emotionally intense. But they can only get harm through their expectations or interpretations. As human beings, we are limited to our thoughts and consideration.

We could not know what was going in the mind of other people while you were presenting. The interpretations of man are made up of their own beliefs. If you conclude from another person’s actions, it will lead to a bad feeling. So, it becomes essential to get the cause of action.

If we continue the above example, the person on the call doesn’t need to talk about you. Maybe he is suffering from some unfortunate situation. Every person has their own beliefs, just like their different nature. So, do not take things personally and ask your belief about the reasoning.

Consider the Source

Whenever someone becomes a critic, he should take into account some essential questions. If you want to judge a person, you need to ask yourself. If you know that person (who criticises you) and respect him, then ask whether he knows you or not?

If he knows you or better understands your interactions, you can hold on to what is happening. By this method, you can finalize whether the matter can be felt or not.

Question Your Own Perfectionism

One should know the difference between perfectionism and hypersensitivity. Some people care more about what is happening around them. They do their best to be innocent and perfect. They protect themselves from being criticized.

If someone neglects their work and gives negative feedback, it becomes complicated for them to digest. In the case of identifying these situations, there are many methods to cope with the latest thinking. One of them is to modify criticism with perfection.

It would be best if you improved yourself to get any feedback. It would be best if you aimed high when you have to face comments or criticism. When you learn to cope up with haters and accept your flaws, that time you will defeat your ego.

Although it is a time-consuming process, it will prove a powerful method. You have to go for it for the sake of everything to be expected. 

Take a Step Back

It is another hack that can help you from taking things personally. According to human nature, man will start disliking the person who gives terrible words to other people. Then why you think it will go well to put wrong words or any of your intentions in someone’s mind.

Egos always get power from complaining and negative thinking. So, it creates significant issues. That’s why it is essential to step down from our consideration. It leads to understanding the overall situation instead of making up your mind.

Always Have Confidence in Your Actions

If you always take things personally and want to stop them. Then it would be best if you increase your confidence in your work. Everything terrible that you face in your life is not the action that you have to face. All this happened just because of your lack of confidence.

Always keep in mind that when your confidence is low. In this situation, you always take every action personally. We think that now life is going to end. So, it would help if you work on your confidence.

When you increase your confidence level, you will notice that everyone is not confident like they pretend. You will feel inner happiness and keep working on building your confidence level.

Avoid Negative People

It is a challenging point in our list because it is challenging to avoid if the negative person is your family member. Here the main thing is that if you stay away from the people who always make fun of you. Then you can easily avoid taking things personally.

If you face any situation in which you feel bad, and they are hurting you all the time. Then you have to leave the problem. We all know that it is tough for everyone to think positively and believe in themselves if they are constantly mistreated. You must ask yourself two questions:

The person with whom you spend too much time, does that person always make you feel good? Do you always think positively about everything with that person?

If you believe that the answer to both these questions is yes, it means you are with a good person. Remember one thing if you are always with a negative person, you will constantly think negatively about your life and others. Read more in article where we shared common signs to spot negative people around you.

Take Help From Others

If someone points you or gives negative feedback that’s hurt you, there is another option to discuss the matter. It is not a matter of taking things personally. You can take the help from others and then ask what they want to say? Or what your feedback meant?

It is the best way to clear your mind on the spot. Because if you suppose or assume anything on your own, it can cause conflict and generate misunderstanding.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do I take things so personally?

You take things so personally because you fear being a failure or because of your fragile ego. It can cause your fear and doubts about another person, resulting in misunderstanding and fear of doing something new.

Why shouldn’t you take things personally?

It would help if you did not take things personally. It will cause mental disturbance and wastage of energy at the wrong person or place and distract you from your essential life goals.

Do Empaths take everything personally?

People with an empathetic nature mostly take things personally. They are more kind-hearted than others, so they prefer to solve other people’s problems before themselves. At the time of realization, they just hurt themselves.

How do I stop being so serious?

  • You should understand the situation and then react when you get the scenario.
  • Do not get involved in the matters of others.
  • When you think the situation is going to be bitter, be silent or leave the place.
  • Live the moment and try to relax your mind every time.


I hope now you understand if you take everything personally. It means you will sacrifice all your happiness. It would help if you lived an extraordinary life by not taking everything personally. So, all the steps about how to not take things personally are mentioned in detail.

With the help of these steps, you can quickly avoid negative people. Always give yourself a chance to accept the feedback, your flaws, and many other things. With the help of doing all these things, you can quickly increase your confidence.