How To Stop Judging Others And Why It's Not The Right Thing To Do

How To Stop Judging Others And Why It’s Not The Right Thing To Do

We all, including you and me, are judgmental, so we never miss any chance of saying a few harsh words on account of judging others. And yes, it is common in human beings. 

But isn’t it so satisfying if we spend a few minutes in appreciation of the person standing next to us rather than judging him?

We must say it will add to the happiest and pleasant moments of one’s life. So, try to lure positivity rather than looking for negativity all around.

Each soul is best in his way; you are none to criticize a single thing to anyone. Today if you keep on developing this habit to try on others, then indeed that time is not so far when you have to pass through this stressful situation in your life.

A Quick Example Of Judging Others

judging others

Suppose you are in the place of a person to whom you have ever criticized for having a small height. Okay, so how will you feel when you come to hear that you look like a child or you can even not reach the gym bars when exercising? Well, that’s what the person standing next to you can feel at that time.

Let’s move towards a bit of detail on this topic and find out why we should not develop the habit of judgment.

Reasons Why You Should Not Judge Others

Judging others is like tit for tat. If you are doing this with someone, tomorrow you have to face it yourself. It will leave you in your weakest form as you will be fed up facing criticism and gossip about yourself.

Straightforwardly, criticize someone if you can hear about your flaws. It won’t be wrong if we say that when you criticize someone, you are defining yourself.

In judgment, you are simply dissatisfied or even insecure with the person standing next to you. We can also say that you are jealous of him. 

So, you try to find negativity in him to satisfy your soul. But you are looking for pleasure in the form of negative things. Ultimately doing this leaves you unhappy in the end.

You can’t feel happy in anything as you have limited the boundaries of happiness and pleasure by just searching for flaws in other people.

Always looking for negativity in others will start breeding negativity in yourself. So try to look for positivity in others so that you may, in return, get the same. Here we have presented you with a few facts about judging others to urge you to stop the sin of judgment.

Incomplete Information

There is nothing more hurtful than getting judged by the people. Most people don’t even know about the person’s name, but they judge as having complete information. 

But the fact is, it doesn’t matter if they know the person entirely or not; those who have the habit of judging will keep on doing it.

Passing judgmental words by just looking at the apparent look or just by a single meetup is not less than a stupid act. If you keep on doing this, the people around you will start staying away from you. Or they may start hating you for your stupidity.

We Are All Different

Having a difference between all the beings is something familiar we all have. So never say if you are a pundit in something, then other people should also have expertise in the same task. In the same way, don’t expect the same thing from different people.

If someone cannot respond to something the same way you do, then don’t criticize him. Maybe that person is an expert in something else or something in which you are totally near the ground level. So stop criticizing and let others live their life in the way they want to live.

No One Is Perfect

No one is perfect and possesses flaws in one’s way. Never look for the best result from others in all the tasks. No one in this world is perfect, and not even you. You will also have many flaws that you keep on hiding from the people.

If one has faced failure or has not performed entirely, appreciate it for the little effort made throughout the task. If you appreciate someone, that person will try to make himself better with multiplied energy and passion.

But if you keep on criticizing, the person will become disheartened, or he may even bring hate for that task in his heart. Resultantly he may not try to move forward and may give up.

Put Yourself in Their Shoes

Criticizing and judging other people is easy but putting yourself in their shoes is hard to consider. What will you feel if someone in each of your acts continuously judges you? Can you feel that pain?

So, if we ask you how you feel, then can you explain? Indeed you will become disheartened and feel alone in the web of hard judgmental words. So give some clear space to the people and stop the habit of judgment.


Being an individual with a high tolerance level can make you good in front of others. Try to ignore the flaws of others just like you want others to ignore your mistakes.

Accept the fact that everyone makes mistakes, and we can become better by learning from those mistakes. So bring some tolerance and ignore the imperfections and weaknesses of others.

How To Stop Judging Others

Let’s become a better version of yourself by stopping the habit of judging the people around you. Keep in your mind that you need to behave well with others to be happy and prosperous. Try to appreciate others rather than searching and discussing the mistakes.

So let’s move forward to know how to stop judging others and start making a solid connection with all the peeps around you. If people around you are negative ones, read our guide to cut them out of your life.

Practice Curiosity

The best way to stop the act of judgment is practicing curiosity. Practicing curiosity means to keep asking questions. It will at least clarify your mind about the judgmental statements that you have made within a minute about the person.

Plus, it will create understanding between two beings. Replace the habit of judgment with curiosity as it will bring you out from a closed life to live as an open-minded person.

Notice Your Thoughts

One of the main reasons behind the habit of judgment is your thoughts. Put a glanced look at your thoughts and bring a reason why your thoughts are transforming into judgemental statements.

If you feel nervous or upset, you try to expel your frustration on others by passing strict sentences on them. To make yourself happy, you make others unhappy by changing your thoughts into challenging words. So, please pay attention to your thoughts and try to keep them positive.

Practice Empathy

Practicing empathy is one of the easiest and the most effective ways to keep you away from negative judgments. By doing so, you see a person from his perspective rather than your bad one. So, we suggest you practice empathy and let go of the negative judgemental thoughts.

Practice Mindfulness

It’s the best answer to the question “how to stop judging others.” Mindfulness is living in the moment with full consciousness without judging your thoughts. The more you practice mindfulness, the easier it will be to leave negative thoughts and judgemental habits.

Moreover, doing this can help you in focusing on what is going on in the present time. Plus, you will become able to think about your judgmental thoughts and will try not to repeat them in the future. 

Becoming more mindful in daily life will enhance your positivity. It will restrict your negative thoughts that became the reason for judgmental statements.

Practice Self-Compassion

Practicing self-compassion can indeed help you out in saying goodbye to the negative thoughts and your judgments. If you are compassionate with yourself, then you love others as well.

Try to become gentle towards yourself and towards every person living around you. When you treat yourself with kindness and love, you wear a soothing and loving outlook to treat others in the same way. So this way will break the habit of judgments.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does God say about judging others?

It’s been said in the Bible that “Do not judge, or you too will be judged.” If you judge someone, you will also face the same time in your life, and you will also become disheartened.

What is an example of judging someone?

Judging someone is easy but being judged at an act is painful. We can take its example as when you look at a person, you judge him by the style he is walking at first sight.

We don’t know if that person is passing through any physical abnormality or if there is any other problem due to which he cannot walk properly. Despite asking questions to clarify the mind, we start judging by criticizing the way he walks.

Why should you not judge others?

Never judge others because you may have incomplete information based on which you are making judgments. Plus, don’t forget that no one is perfect; everyone has flaws, so don’t let those flaws dishearten them.

If you judge someone today, you have to pass through the same condition after some time. So stop judging. Live and let people live their life to the fullest.

What is wrong with judging others?

It’s completely wrong to judge others as no one is perfect in this world. When you judge someone, you make yourself happy and remove your frustration and anxiety in this way. But on the other side, you are making someone unhappy and disheartened.


Today, everyone from us is busy judging others without knowing the complete information. We are doing it as if it is a moral act, but it’s not.

However, it’s just a sin that everyone spreads with complete interest and passion. Try to recover from this sin. Live a life that is a piece of happiness for you and those living around you.

So, that was all about why you should avoid judging others and how to get rid of this habit. If you are into any such act, let’s know in the comments, and we’ll help you avoid it.

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