51-1-6 Things You Can Do When You Feel Like You are Giving Up

6 Things You Can Do When You Feel Like You are Giving Up

Are you wondering why you feel like your life is the worst? Though when you have a family, successful career, and friends. Yet, sometimes it feels like giving up on everything, locking ourselves in a room for months. 

Ever thought about why this happens to you? Why do you feel like giving up on yourself? First and foremost, never shy about your situation, be confident, talk to someone if possible. Anyone can feel like this at some point in life; you’re not the only one.

Giving Up On Life

As the saying goes, “Life is a roller coaster,” which is a fact of life. One day it feels like you’re on the crest of a wave, and another day you’re losing your edge. However, why do you feel like this? What can you do when you feel like giving up on life?

51-2-6 Things You Can Do When You Feel Like You are Giving Up

Common Reasons for Giving Up

Here are the three common reasons why people give up and six things to do to remain focused.

I’m Not Worthy

The main reason why most people feel like giving up is that they believe that they are not worthy of happiness, success, and love.

Don’t think someone is better than you. Every person has bad and good sides or weaknesses. You’re just seeing their good side of life and assuming that they are better than you.

Don’t you think it is unfair to compare your weaknesses to someone’s strengths? So, love yourself, accept yourself with all your flaws and perfections. Also, be proud of who you are.

Fear of Enemies

Enemies do not always come in human shape. It can be anything that’s stopping you from shining like the sun. Your enemy could be your fear, expectations, or mistakes.

Maybe you’re giving up on yourself because you know that you have many weaknesses. So, what’s your opinion? Is it reasonable to give up just because of fear? 

Do you know one needs a lot of guts to accept their weakness, fear, and mistakes? You take your weak points but as an embarrassment.

You’ve to accept it without any fear and with a promise to yourself that you’ll fight with these enemies.


Bear in mind that everyone has a past, and all and sundry make mistakes. Then why are you overthinking about yesterday? As the name says, it’s your past, not future or not present.

Just like the past, your future is also your future, not the present. The truth is no one knows the future, and you can’t do anything about it.

Do you think It’s wise to give up on your present just because of your past mistakes and future problems? 

Why Should You Not Give Up Too Early?

There can be many reasons why people stress out, give up. We can’t specify one problem for all. The only thing we can tell you is you only have one life.

Imagine that you’re old and realized that you don’t even fight with your fears; instead, you just gave up on your career and dream. There could be a chance to experience a successful career and life if you don’t give up.

However, what’s the point of crying over spilled milk?

According to you, what is the best option? Do you want to regret your life? Or want to be proud of yourself that you don’t give up?

6 Things to Remain Focused and Not to Give Up

Remember Your Why

Everything starts for a reason and has a why.

The crux of the matter is you can’t focus because you forget why you start. Such as if someone starts a business, they work with their full strength. The reason is they know their motive and causes at the start. 

Whether people want to become famous or make money, they start to feel like robots working daily after some time. It is because they forget the reasons.

So, whenever you’re giving up on someone’s or your career, think about the reasons why you started this? Do you succeed in achieving all your goals regarding the job or relation etc.? If not, do you think it’s worth giving up on your year’s hard work? You may also have fear of success and you are not able to give 100% of your efforts. To overcome this situation, read about article in Giving up.

Figure and Face Reasons for Giving Up

Have you asked yourself, what is the reason you are giving up? If you don’t know the reasons, then find out.

If it is fear, then be brave. If it is a person, then face him. No one is worth your tears. If it is a weak point, then accept it; don’t be afraid everyone has weaknesses.

Figure out and face all problems, remember hiding and giving up is not a solution. Instead, it is a problem itself.

51-3- you can do it

Always Picture Reward in Your Head

It is human nature that every person wants a reward for their hard work. Even if you tell a child that you give him a cycle as a reward, he’ll surely give his best to win the race. 

It’s not only applicable to children but also to adults. Think why everyone gives their best while working in offices? Because they know they’ll get a promotion as a reward.

That’s why you always picture a reward in your head. For example, if you love traveling, set a goal to make a specific amount of money, then reward yourself with a trip.

Always Have a Backup of Your Big Goal

The common reason why one says I feel like giving up is that he/she fails to achieve the big goals. They work day and night to accomplish a dream, and in the end, they get nothing.

Anyone can be depressed in this situation. That’s why always have a backup plan for your big goal. After all, it is life, and anything can happen.

Already have a backup plan, good. But in case you don’t, then think about it and set up a second goal.

Sit in the Company of Motivated People

Do your friends laugh at you when you tell them your problems or goals? Do you know it’s a big no-no in friendship because friendship is all about understanding?

Yeah, friends can have a different opinion, they can disagree, but the best thing all friends do is listen, respect each other’s views, and understand the point of view when no one understands you.

If someone says that he is your friend and demotivates you, it’s better to be alone. For that reason, always try to surround yourself with motivated people.

Try to Take Motivation

Everyone knows that “Motivation is the key to success.” But where to find this key?

You can find many videos on social media about motivation, but these videos don’t work all-time for everyone. Then what can we do?

Do not only watch motivational videos. Find videos that are related to someone’s struggle, dedication to their dream. The difference between these two topics is that motivational videos motivate you to see the goal. 

The videos about someone struggling give you motivation and a lesson that Nothing is Easy in this life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it okay to give up?

No, it’s not okay to give up on anything just because you think you cannot accomplish your goals because you’re not capable. In that case, you’ve to understand that nothing worth it comes easily. But if it is the case where you want to give up on a relationship or job for the sake of your happiness and peace, then giving up is a better option.

Why is giving up bad?

Giving up on something is not bad until you give up because you think you’re not worthy of anything. It’s life, and everyone has to move on, and it’s good to let go of something for your happiness. But if you’re giving for someone else, then it can be the worst decision for anyone.

What to do when you feel like giving up on your job?

Don’t do something without thinking about the consequences. So whenever you feel like giving up on your job, think about the implications, future, and financial situation. If feasible, talk to a person you trust, ask for advice then make any decision.

Final Words

Every life is precious, and giving up on anything is not a solution. No matter if your problem is like an iceberg or the tip of an iceberg, you’ve to fight for your dream, career, and happiness.

Remember, No one can do anything for you if you don’t love yourself, your life. Love yourself, find a path that can lead you to your happiness.