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10 Things To Be Grateful For When Life Is Tough

Do you feel that you thank your God enough for all the blessings you got in your life? Do you still remember the things to be grateful for when life is tough? Yes? Then tap on your back and stay the same because the one who is thankful for the blessings is indeed very close to God.

Undoubtedly, no one has a perfect life. Everyone’s life has ups and downs but doesn’t let these troubles make you unthankful in front of our Lord. When life goes all according to your plans, and you achieve what you were struggling for, then indeed, it is the will of God.

But on the other hand, if you face difficulty and failure in your planning, don’t get disheartened. Always stay positive and thankful, believing that it is also the will of your Lord.

Details on Things to be Grateful for

In this content, we will provide you a comprehensive list of the things you must become grateful for. Please have a look at them and you will be grateful in all things.

Plenty of Drinkable Water

We consider water a small blessing, but it is indeed the most significant blessing without which we cannot exist. We drink about eight to ten glasses of water a day. These eight glasses are about three liters. But have you ever thanked God for drinking even a single sip of water?

Without any doubt, the answer to this question is “no.” Sometimes we only consider precious things as blessings, but meanwhile, we forget about these small yet valuable things.

Yes, not likely. We must say that without water, life is not possible. Every human’s body is about 60% water, not just humans, but water is also essential for animals and plants. So, why should we not be grateful for this blessing?

There are many areas in this world where people are forced to drink dirty water full of impurities or even stagnant water to stay alive. So be grateful as much as you can for it because you cannot survive on this earth without drinking water.

Good Health

Everyone wants good health, but no one becomes grateful for it after achieving it. It is said that things get valuable when they are gone. The same is the case with health. When we’re healthy, we take this blessing for granted. But when we fall sick, the only thing that we need at that time is a good and healthy body.

To attain good health, always drink plenty of water and eat healthy food, preferably made in your home kitchen. In addition, do exercise regularly because exercising increases blood circulation, and this improves the whole working of your body.

Good health is at the top of the listing of blessings. So, you must be grateful for everything, especially health that is free of any medicines and drugs.

Land of Opportunities

Always remember that not everyone has a land of opportunities. People have to survive within the boundaries because they don’t have various options.

Opportunities can include job opportunities, teaching opportunities, the opportunity to live your life according to your will, travel in the world, be a part of a significant company, and so much.

When you have a land of opportunities, you can run your life according to your own will. And thus you don’t need to live under someone. In other words, these opportunities are a way to live a successful life. Therefore, if you are having land of opportunities, be grateful for it.

An Ability to Read

If you can read this content, you are blessed. But, of course, inability to read doesn’t always mean not having eyes. But the ability to read is also associated with the skills of comprehension and analytics.

Having the ability to read is a great blessing because it strengthens your brain’s muscles and makes your mind sharp. So, don’t take this blessing for granted, and be grateful for it as much as you can.

Breathing Fresh Air

Breathing fresh air is also a great blessing for all living beings. Taking a deep breath draws more air into the lungs, and thus the cells of the lungs get more oxygen. In return, the lungs expel more air out of the lungs.

Have you ever thought, can you spend even a minute without breathing? Not even less than a minute. There is a remarkable difference between breathing air and fresh air. We all must try to keep the environment clean to have fresh air to live in.


Laughter is one of the best ways to improve your health. It not only improves your mood but also strengthens your immune system. Hence, don’t consider it only a way to show happiness, but it is indeed a great blessing from our God.

Even a single smile and a little laughter can fade away all the stress and tension you have from your surroundings. So, when life is sucking you, kick away the stress and replace it with laughter. Doing this will soothe your mind and your body.

Try to have some time with your family and friends having smiles and peals of laughter together. But don’t forget to be grateful for that time.


It is too cold outside, and you are feeling chilled, even sitting in the blanket having coffee. Well, let’s guess what you desperately want to have at that time? It’s the sun and the warming rays of the sun that will warm up your chilled body in winters.

Nothing in the entire world can beat the sunshine that twinkles in each corner of the universe. Without the sun, the whole world will sink into the pit of darkness. So, consider it a great blessing in your life.

G10- 10 Things To Be Grateful - Peace of Mind and Sun

Ability to Love and Feel Compassion

If you have a loving family around you, no doubt you are blessed. However, having love from others also needs the same in return. We must have the ability to feel the pain of others. If we can feel their pain, we can show them love and compassion.

Those who are having these abilities have got blessed with a good soul. And there is nothing more important than having a good heart in your body. Therefore, keep on showing love for others and keep on feeling blessed.

Kindness of Strangers

Having an exhausting day living away from your loved ones is so disheartening. But we know that our loved ones cannot always stay with us all day. Thus, sometimes the kindness of strangers melts our hearts when they behave smoothly with us.

If you ever find the kindness of strangers, you must be grateful for it. That’s so because not all people are caring and kind. So, if you see someone like this, stay kind to him as well.

Ability to Feel Pain For Others

Everyone keeps a heart in the body, but not everyone’s heart is kind and soft. Some people behave so harshly that they hurt the person standing next to them. If you have a heart that feels the pain of others, then believe us, you have great wealth.

Always stay wealthy from the heart because this wealth is much more precious than having a heap of currency notes. Feel other’s pain and help them in all possible ways. Our little efforts and feelings can quickly help someone heal from the pain.

G10- love and family

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the most grateful in life?

Indeed we humans are most grateful to our Lord for having all the things in our life. We are thankful to Him for having health, drinking water, a sweet home to live in, a caring family, supporting friends, and having the ability to breathe.

What are you grateful for today?

We must be grateful for having all the blessings around us. Today, I am thankful for having a good sleep, plenty of water, a healthy breakfast, fresh air to breathe, and above all, the ability to care for my loved ones.

How do I learn to be grateful?

For this, you must feel the pain of others for not having the basic needs to live their life. However, when you come to feel the pain of others, you will realize how lucky you are to have countless blessings. After this, you will become grateful.

How can I be grateful in hard times?

Initially, believe that this challenging time is from the creator Who also gave you a pleasant time in the past. So, stop getting worried and firm your belief. In the next step, you need to accept the obstacle you are going through.

Always thank your creator for whatever you have in your life. It doesn’t matter if you face a hard time or a good one; your creator also gave you many blessings, which you take for granted.

Stay positive, understand your purpose and also pray for your enemy. When you pray for others, your heart becomes soft and kind. Above all, thank others for every small task they did for you.

When you have the habit of thanking others for more minor things, you will ultimately become grateful for the more valuable items.

How can I be thankful to God?

Count the blessings He gave to you in your life. Undoubtedly, you can’t even count all of them. He gives you fresh air to breathe, drinking water to satisfy your thirst, healthy food to fulfill your hunger, a peaceful place to live, and not for a single day but your whole life. But, above all, he gave you a loving family.

So, thank your God for having all these blessings in your life. Otherwise, what can you do if he takes away any of these things from you? You cannot do anything. Therefore, it is better to be thankful for everything than to be ungrateful.

Final Comments

Now, you will indeed come to the point that the above-discussed are all the things to be grateful for. Never stop thanking your God. The more you thank, the more He gives to you. Stay thankful for even the things throughout your life.

That’s so because a grateful life is much better than a life full of complaints. Think to yourself whether these are the things I’m grateful for or not. Stay grateful, stay happy, and keep on enjoying the blessings.