53-1- What is Fear of Change Phobia and How Can You Overcome It

What is Fear of Change Phobia and How Can You Overcome It

No doubt if it is height, water, or even fear of change, nine out of ten people are facing it from the very first day of their life. When something is comfortable for you, you become addicted to it and don’t want to leave it at any cost. 

Not everything is suitable all the time. You have to change things after a short duration or long. But most people hate change as they have to leave their comfort zone to which they have exposure for a long time. Plus, they are not aware of the consequences of the change.

On the other hand, change is compulsory. Whether it is a positive change or negative, everyone has to face it. So now, we will provide you with a comprehensive note on the fear of bringing a change.

What is Fear of Change?

Fear of change is also called Metathesiophobia. We can consider its meaning by dividing it into two parts, meta, and phobia. Here meta means change, and phobia means fear. So as a whole, this word implies fear of change. 

When you don’t want to accept changes around you or when your mind doesn’t want to come out of your comfort zone, it means you have Metathesiophobia. This condition can bring severe anxiety to face the unexpected change in life. 


People who have a fear of bringing a change in their life may pass through these symptoms.

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Pain
  • Stress
  • Fatigue

The fear of change can lead a person towards severe anxiety, stress, and depression. The level of anxiety is so high that the person starts having heart palpitations, trembling, a clear difference in the regular breathing rate, sweating, dry mouth, nausea, and even the thoughts of death.

So, from all these symptoms, you will get the idea of how severe the level of fear is.


Once you come to know a little deeper about the change phobia, you will find many examples and life experiences about it. And from all those examples, you will realize that most people don’t want to bring change in their life.

You may have noticed a few people who are doing such tough jobs with very tough timings. They agree to continue their jobs because they are scared that finding a new job is not easy. Or they are afraid to find a new job.

But here, the only solution is to bring change. So, don’t just think about the negative side of the picture; always remember that there is something positive on the other side.

If there is a little difficulty finding the job, no doubt it will have flexible timings that will make you relax. Plus it may give you more salary than the previous one. So don’t try to bring a change as it may become highly effective for you.

Let’s take another example,

Many people want to continue in an unhealthy relationship though they are not fully satisfied with it. That’s so because they have a fear of staying single.

Why Do We Fear Change?

We all fear change, but have you ever noticed why we all have to pass through it? No doubt we human beings are unaware of the things that will happen in the future. It can either be positive or negative. As a result, we start worrying.

So this fear lets us stay in the same condition, whether comfortable or not, rather than moving towards something new. We are unaware of the outcomes.

We don’t want to bring something known and comfortable to an end. Plus, from the fear of getting any change, we consider the fear of failure. That’s because we are unaware of the coming events. So, we count trying something new risky and fear the terrible outcomes. Also, have a look into fear of success and see how it related to same mental condition as fear of change.

Where Does Fear of Change Come From?

The fear of a change may come from various means. In some people, it is from some childhood experiences and current conditions. Some people get this fear from familial views or by their outlooks.

Here we will present an example so that you get this point. Suppose someone is grown in a family whose members have always faced poverty, abuse, or other unfavorable conditions.

In that case, they will surely pass to their offsprings that the outer world is so challenging to handle. And they will convey all those negative points to their children.

So after listening to all this for the whole childhood, the children will fear to bring any change in their present condition and will stay in the same depressive environment. That’s so because they have a fear of the outcomes of the change.

But we cannot only blame nurture for this fear. It is human nature that we do not want to come out of our so-called comfort zones and want to continue the remaining life there. It doesn’t matter if it is really a comfort zone or just a boundary of the known things.

Ways to Overcome the Fear of Change

Change and its fear can lead you to severe anxiety and depression. So, please try some ways to get rid of this fear. But, wait, you don’t know how to overcome the fear of change? No worries, we are here for you to guide you in this regard.

We have mentioned a few highly effective ways to overcome the fear regarding a change. So let’s move towards those points.

53-3- Ways to Overcome the Fear of Change

Try Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a therapy in which reprogramming of a person’s mind occurs. And this reprogramming is done mainly on the subconscious part. It’s a great way to get rid of anxiety as well as the fear of a change.

Embrace Change and Vulnerability

When you become able to face your fears, it means you have become successful. That’s so because facing your fears makes you vulnerable. However, you have the power to accept the change. You become able to pass any critical situation without the fear of having bad outcomes.

You gain the power to accept the change and the courage to face the unexpected consequences.

Break Things Up into Smaller Pieces

Another meaningful and effective way to know how to overcome change fears is to break things up into smaller pieces to be easy to manage. For example, don’t let the burden of work give you depression in any way.

For example, if you have many tasks to do like you have to choose a life partner, a job, and a house all at a time. Don’t pressurize yourself. Plus, facing the change from three essential things may be a bit difficult. So break the stuff into smaller pieces and complete them in smaller steps.

If you are looking for a job, start by writing down which type of job you are searching for. And what are your expertise, what are flexible timings for you? Then approach your decisions. Once you have completed one task, then start moving towards the next one. But finish it also in smaller steps.

Know Your Why

Here the word “why” means the word “purpose.” If you know the purpose of a change, you will not fear it. On the other hand, if you are unaware of the need for change, you will stay scared. 

If you don’t know what you need and what to do, you will remain stuck if you need any difference or not.

So, better know your “why” and make decisions towards your goals without any fear.

Have Hopes for the Best and Plans for the Worst Case

Always make a proper plan that if you get a failure, what will you do to reduce its consequences. Keep in consideration that you must have a specific plan for facing loss. If you are running things without planning, you can never reach your goals.

53-2- What is Fear of Change Phobia and How Can You Overcome It

Once you have made plans, hope for the best and stay positive to get positive results.

Surround Yourself With Supporters

One cannot achieve the goal without the support of others. So to achieve the purpose of getting rid of change of fear, you need a few supporters. But before this, find which person is positive and which is always trying to let you down.

Try to recognize your supporters and haters. Once you have done this, get rid of the haters. Just let the supportive people enter your life. They will help you to reach your destination.

Practice “What if” Positively

To fade away the fear of change, you need to practice “what if” positively. Please don’t use it to complete a negative statement. Instead, you can say, “what if it comes with good outcomes” and “what if this plan follows the right path.”

Fear is a negative thing, so when you use “what if” positively, you let the fear go away.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do I have a fear of change?

The best answer to this question is because the outcomes of change are unexpected or unknown. No one is aware of the results of the change, whether they will be positive or negative. Plus, we can say that this fear is due to both nature and nurture.

How can I overcome my fear of change?

You can overcome this fear by accepting the change as a positive thing. You should not be afraid of failure and celebrate every single step of success. Moreover, try hypnotherapy to reprogram your mind and embrace change.

What is Nyctophobia?

Nyctophobia is when the person has extreme anxiety due to being in intense darkness or night. It’s not just a fear, but it is a phobia of night. It usually starts from childhood.

What is the rarest phobia ever?

Neither acrophobia nor hydrophobia but the rarest phobia is allodoxaphobia. It is the fear of opinions and is an extreme form of phobia. The people affected by this condition cannot adequately express their views.

Is the fear of change normal?

Yes, the fear of change is quite normal. Nine out of every ten people have this phobia. It’s common because we all consider change challenging to accept.

Why is change so uncomfortable?

When you are facing change, it means you are going to leave your comfort zone. Unfortunately, you have to spend much to create your comfort zone again, depending upon the change. So leaving something that you are used to or addicted to is not easy.

Furthermore, it is uncomfortable because you are not aware of the outcomes you will face after accepting a change. And it can lead you towards severe anxiety and depression, so you feel uncomfortable.

Bottom Line

Fear of change is something to overcome immediately. Try to follow all the tips mentioned above to overcome this fear. Once you start accepting change, you will reach your goals quickly and without facing many difficulties.

So, accept the change and say goodbye to anxiety, depression, and stress.