What is Fear of Success, and What Can You Do About It?

What is Fear of Success, and What Can You Do About It?

The fear of success is one of the strongest emotions, and if this thing is happening with you, then it means you will not hold anything in life.

However, the fear of success will make things difficult, like growing the business, inventing new things, relations with loved ones, and many other things.

Although the fear of failure and success are the same in most situations, the reason is both these fears will prevent you from doing creative things.

So, we will tell you about the fear of success and how to get over it. Please read the complete article to know more about it and to get success in life.

What is Fear of Success?

Do you know what fear of success is? It is also called success phobia or success anxiety. You can also be known as achievemephobia.

It doesn’t matter what word you select, but the fear of success will ruin your goals. And the negative impact of this will not allow you to do creative things.

However, the fear of success means you are afraid of being successful, scared of all types of achievement. Success is only a desire; they are afraid to do good things and fearful of other people thinking.

Symptoms of Fear of Success

If you consider success fear as a kind of disease, you will find it a destructive one. It can break you apart whenever you try to do something best in your life. There are too many symptoms; some essential symptoms include:

  • You always set the common goals to live an everyday life
  • Lack of perfection is the other symptom
  • All the time, you find a reason to leave.
  • Always thinking about breaking the record of another person
  • Don’t want to learn new things


Fear of success doesn’t mean you are afraid of success. It means you are so scared of new changes that come, and you are ready for the changes or not.

  • You may get too many opportunities, but you’re shy to avail them.
  • All types of public success will conduct emotional and social separation.
  • It might be possible that people think you are promoting yourself or bragging.
fear of success

Why Do We Fear Success?

There are too many reasons for fear of success, and all of them depend on the person.

Backlash Avoidance

In the backward areas, gender can be the cause of the fear of success. Because in too many cultures the women are not allowed to achieve their goals and do hard work.

Imposter Syndrome

People who are very confident about their success can also have some doubts. Because when the success level is very high, you are searching for different questions like what happens if they think that you don’t deserve it? And many others and this is called the imposter syndrome.

Childhood Experiences

We all know that the experiences of our childhood will always remain with us. That’s why any bad childhood incident will increase the fear of success.

Mental Health Conditions

The fear of success doesn’t need to be linked with physical health. Sometimes it is also connected with mental health; there are some conditions of fear of success like PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder).

Where Does Fear of Success Come From?

The fear of success comes due to different reasons, and all these reasons depend on the person because it varies from person to person. The most common reason for fear of success is a bad experience or facing a dangerous incident.

Other reasons include missing a critical event, getting any job, missing the opportunity, business failure, and other things.

Ways to Overcome the Fear of Success

The first thing that you have to apply to get success in your life is to trust yourself. If you think that you can’t get success in everything, then who will get success? It is essential to understand that getting success in life doesn’t mean you will not encounter failure.

Ways to Overcome the Fear of Success

Of course, you will, but you have to note your mistakes and learn from them to improve yourself to get success. So, we collected some tips that will provide you with the opportunity to overcome the fear of success. If you want to be successful, then follow the given ways.

Be Positive

Negative thinking is like a nightmare that puts you in a condition where you lack faith in yourself. So if you want to decrease the negativity, then for this, avoid the negative people. In this way, half of the negativity can get reduced from your life.

It would help if you always took note of all your positive events in life, subsequently using your mind before doing something. In this way, you will see that the negative thinking and attitude will decrease day by day.

Continually Remind Yourself that You are Part of Something Larger than You

When you think about what is the primary purpose of your life. When you worry about unbelievable situations and when your feelings are out of control, then at that time, fear comes into your mind.

Suppose you notice that you are involved in significant activity, and you don’t have a complete idea about it. At that time, you have to find out to remain happy and be successful.

Next, you always perform the right actions, help other people, and give importance to the suitable person. This is because you know very well that all this is for you and for the extensive activity you are a character of.

These beliefs always allow you to do anything new and succeed in your life because of doing good things.

Take Time to Find Your Authenticity

Are you facing a lot of burdens? If yes, then it is confirmed that you are giving your best part in everything that you do. But the main question is, who are you? What is your passion? What things give you happiness? Do you know the answer to all these questions?

Too many people are very busy in their lives and achieving their goals, and because of this, they forget to live their life correctly. It doesn’t matter how busy your life is, but the vital part of your life is giving yourself time.

It might be 20 minutes or more when you do this and think only about yourself. After that, it is effortless to do other work and handle the additional responsibilities without any difficulty.

Create Your Success Library

The following way is to get some inspiration. It might be possible that you need some inspiration to do the right things any time you almost lose hope and trust. 

But, of course, we all know that there are too many ways to get inspiration. But most of us always don’t remember about it when it is compulsory for us.

You have to save some inspirational articles, some success stories, store the inspirational movies, or create videos of your happy moments. Now, make a library of all these things to get some inspiration when you need it.


It is a fact that people are always afraid of learning new things. I remember when it was my first day at a web development job. I was so scared because I didn’t know anything about web development, PHP, or CSS. 

For me, all these things were like a disease, and the first step was to learn all these things. But after learning, now I am ok with my job.

So, the thing is that if you are scared about anything, then it is essential to learn about it. This thing is like walking in a dark room. When you walk first, you will be scared about the darkness, but everything will be easy and straightforward when you turn on the lights.

Create Your Success Library

Live in Balance

Remember that it doesn’t matter how essential your success is for you, but it is compulsory to follow your success and goals in balance. If you don’t do this, your success journey will convert into compulsion and destroy everything you love.

Keep in mind that success in life is not the name of any place where you want to go in any condition. It is a whole life journey, and it is essential to do things in balance.

If you want to achieve success, you must spend time with your family and friends. Always care about your health and grow slowly. By doing all the things in balance, you can quickly get success in every part of life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I overcome my fear of success?

  • Find out the main reason for fear
  • Belief on yourself
  • Always think positive
  • Check all the possible outcomes
  • Always contains the backup plan
  • Learn from your mistakes

What is Megalophobia?

Megalophobia means the fear of all types of large objects. For example, all the large vehicles, buildings, and other big things will produce fear and anxiety. If you have this condition, then you have to take care of yourself.

What causes Atychiphobia?

In most cases, the leading cause of Atychiphobia is if any person faces a bad experience in the past, like failing to achieve any important thing. Or don’t get the critical job then in this situation the person contains the Atychiphobia.

Why do people avoid success?

The main reason for avoiding success is experiencing other trauma like missing an important event, getting a job, and many others. So that’s why they avoid success.

Why do I never succeed?

  • You don’t give value to your time
  • Don’t do things that are related to your goals
  • Always makes excuses
  • You are not ready to learn new things
  • Never happy with achievements

What is success anxiety?

Success anxiety means the fear of success, or it is also called success phobia. Other than this, some people knew it as an achievemephobia.


Sometimes you will see the fear of success, and sometimes you will not, but you don’t know what it is. It is a real thing that you have to overcome.

If you fear success, it means it is the first step, but you must take some essential steps to overcome the fear of success after this. 

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