G2- Why do I overthink - How to overcome

Common Reasons of Overthinking and Tips to Overcome This Feeling

Why do I overthink” is one of the more traumatic questions most people ask nowadays. Overthinking is somehow related to anxiety. When the anxiety levels rise, you are at a greater risk of getting tired and stressed.

No doubt, thinking and overthinking both are parts of our lives, but conditions get severe when left unchecked; both of them can kick peace out of your life.

Better to keep overthinking checked or try to keep this negativity out of your mind. If you keep on fighting with overthinking, you can have severe health problems, especially mental disorders.

This post will provide you with a comprehensive note on common reasons for overthinking and all related.

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Let’s get deep into the content and come out of the stressful condition of overthinking. After reaching the concluding words, we are sure that you will become aware of the effects of overthinking, and you will indeed try to get rid of them.

What is Overthinking?

Overthinking is a condition in which a person thinks intensely about something and cannot get out of it. It makes you feel stressed and worried. Once you get arrested in this condition, you can hardly come out of it.


If you feel your mind tangled in your thoughts, you are indeed an overthinker. Apart from this significant symptom, do you know what other overthinking symptoms are? Let’s have a glance at some other symptoms.

  • Start thinking embarrassing moments in your mind over and over again
  • You start worrying about more minor things
  • You remind yourself of mistakes
  • You start worrying about the things you cannot control
  • Difficulty in sleeping
  • Feeling that your brain won’t shut off while sleeping
  • Start adding “what if” questions in your daily conversations
  • Continuously worrying about the future activities
  • Spend a lot of time finding the hidden meaning of things


Every second person is facing the problem of overthinking. Some are overthinking in relationships, some are victims of stress in their friendship, and others face it throughout their lives.

Let’s make it clear using an example. Let’s suppose if someone says something to you in an unacceptable way for you; then you keep on answering that person in your mind again and again in your desired tone.

In this situation, the person is not aware of things happening in the present, but he is still fighting for the past.

Even the person keeps on worrying about the events that are going to happen in the coming future. You cannot come out of the past, and your mind gets restricted around that incident.

Here is another example. You are in a relationship, but you start thinking deeply about every single matter. You think, feel, and overthink even about the things that are going smoothly.

As a result, you start finding something unhealthy and troublesome even in a healthy relationship. What happens next?

Your partner starts avoiding you as you don’t let go of stress and make new daily problems. In the end, you get nothing except stress and anxiety.

Why Do I Overthink?

Before moving towards the ways to avoid overthinking, first, you should know the answer to the question, “why do I overthink?” There are many reasons behind this question.

One of the main reasons is perfectionism. Some people are so addicted to perfectionism that they can’t accept even a minor fault in anything.

In other words, they possess significantly less tolerance for taking flaws. As a result, they end up increasing the level of overthinking.

Another reason for overthinking is childhood learning or childhood habits. Some children are grown in such an environment that they overthink every problematic condition.

If a child’s dad is addicted to drinking, he may fear what would happen if his dad keeps drinking or comes home when he is drunk.

That child keeps on thinking about his dad’s habit of drinking and becomes a patient of overthinking from childhood. So, childhood learning is also a reason why you always overthink. Some other reasons why you overthink are:

  • Illusion of control
  • Overgeneralization
  • Illusion of certainty
  • Fear of conflict
  • Secondary gain

Is Overthinking Mental Illness?

Don’t forget that overthinking is seriously associated with psychological problems like anxiety and depression. So how will overthinking not affect your mental health?

When you think more profoundly, you restrict your mind, and you cannot come out of this condition. When your mind becomes restricted around specific things, you start taking stress.

Once the level of stress increases, you enter into the world of depression. On entering this situation, you won’t find any way to return to the world of happiness. Read article on why you feel disconnected from people and see if this is also in your list of phobia.

In this way, you become a patient of anxiety and misery. If you continuously stay in this condition, your brain cells will ultimately become dead. And this can lead to the death of the patient. So there must not be any doubt in considering overthinking a mental illness.

How To Avoid Overthinking

If you are also facing overthinking and want to come out of it, this content will help you a lot in this regard. Take decisive actions to change your mindset; otherwise, you will become alone with your negative thoughts.

Becoming a thinker is good, but having its extreme condition, i.e., overthinking, is not less than becoming worst of all.

Why do I overthink

After getting the idea about the meaning of overthinking, its symptoms, and its relation to mental illness, let’s dig a little deeper and find out the ways to avoid overthinking.

Change Your Story in Your Thoughts

The initial step that you have to take to stop overthinking is, changing your story in your thoughts. Never think about everything negatively that you cannot do it or you can never reach on time. It will never succeed you in your tasks, or you will not arrive on time. But why?

It’s because you tell this story to yourself that you are unable to do all this. If you keep all the negative points in your mind, you can never achieve anything. The story that you tell to yourself stuffs your mind according to your thoughts, so you keep yourself confined according to it.

Instead, replace these negative thoughts with positive ones and empower yourself to rule over your emotions.

Don’t Overthink About Your Past.

Those who always overthink everything waste their energy struggling with words like “I wish” or “what if.” They are doing this for things that happened in the past. But they don’t realize that it’s only a waste of energy and time. They believe that they can’t change their yesterday in any way.

But they can learn from the mistakes they made in the past and can change the present. So, better to leave your faults in the past and start living your present time happily.

When you accept your past in the way it was, you will feel free from the burden of mistakes you made at that time. Let go of your past, and don’t let it make you an overthinker in the present.

Stop Your Thoughts

The next step you have to follow to avoid overthinking is to stop your thoughts, letting you go deep in things. Observe your thoughts and say goodbye to those who are making trouble for you.

Good thoughts can make a man happy, while stressful thoughts are a great way to make a man mentally retarded. So focus on your thoughts and don’t let the evil thoughts stay in your mind.

Focus On Actions

After noticing your thoughts, you need to focus on your actions. Take action against the negative thinking, and don’t let them enter your mind again. If you don’t take any action against such ideas, they will distract you, and you will again fall victim to overthinking.

Furthermore, some people always try to demotivate you. As a result, you keep thinking about their actions, and your mind remains tangled in all this. Take action against such people and eradicate them from your life as early as you can.

Identify Your Thoughts

If you keep your thoughts unchecked, you will have to pay for it. You may disagree with the previous line, but it is a fact. Views and beliefs, when left unchecked, can cause significant problems for you.

Both relaxing and stressful thoughts arise in our minds. But it’s our responsibility to identify which to stay and which to leave the area of your mind.

Good views can enhance your happiness and can provide you both mental and physical relaxation. But on the other hand, evil thoughts can make you tired badly. They affect both your mind and your body.

So, keep checking your reviews to get out of the problem of overthinking. The sooner you get rid of this situation, the sooner you will get back to everyday life.

Write Solutions To Problems You Face

Leaving your problems without extracting a proper solution is a stubborn act. Take some time to understand your concerns and then struggle to find out the answer to those issues.

Keep in mind that these problems are like seeds. They will become a tree in the form of depression and overthinking.

Do you think your work is becoming a problem for you? Identify what the reason behind it is? After knowing the cause, try to find out the changes you can make to solve your problem. Take all the possible steps and solve your problem.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is overthinking a disorder?

Overthinking itself is not considered a disorder, but it can lead you to severe mental disorders. You must know that overthinking, anxiety, and depression are all linked with each other. So if you stay too long in this condition, it can affect your mental and physical health.

How Do I Stop overthinking?

To stop overthinking, find any distraction to the thoughts that are making problems for you. Engage yourself in any activity in which you are interested. Doing this will divert your attention, and you won’t feel tangled in everything.

Moreover, try to do nice things for others as this will give you inner satisfaction. In this way, you will stay away from negativity.

Also, let go of our past and live your present lively. Above all, stop seeking perfectionism in everything. You will become disappointed if you do this. Follow all these steps to eradicate the problem of overthinking.

Why do people overthink?

In the present time, most of the people around us have become overthinkers. But do you know what the leading cause of this problem is?

The feeling of powerlessness and anger is causing the people to overthink. Control over all these things, and you will ultimately feel free from overthinking.

The illusion of control, overgeneralization, an illusion of certainty, fear of conflict, secondary gain are some other causes of overthinking.

Can overthinking kill you?

Thinking about things is okay, but overthinking is not okay at all. Continually dwelling on your mistakes can lead you to severe mental disorders.

It will lead to making you a permanent patient of depression and anxiety. Even this can affect the brain cells, which can lead to the death of a patient. So yes, overthinking is lethal.

Why do overthinkers overthink?

Overthinkers overthink because they have the habit of going into detail about everything. They need everything perfect, so a minor fault in anything makes them in trouble, and they start thinking and overthinking about that fault.

Such people are unsure why it is like this and what made it look like this. They wonder why that particular person behaves harshly with them or whatsoever.

Furthermore, they have the childhood habit of overthinking, and they cannot overcome it even in adulthood. Such people have been facing severe anxiety and depression for a long time. That anxiety and depression start growing in them and transform them into overthinkers.

Final Words

We have presented you with the best information on overthinking. So, we hope you won’t ask “why do I overthink” to yourself anymore.

Overthinking is a severe problem, and you must overcome this condition as soon as possible. Otherwise, you may have to face its harsh effects. Let’s fade this negative thing away and live a happy and peaceful life.